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FISHING NET BUNDLE - Petite OS (8-35lb) 3D Gusset Pocket Diapers

FISHING NET BUNDLE - Petite OS (8-35lb) 3D Gusset Pocket Diapers

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This bundle gives you:

(4) Petite-size 3D Gusset Pocket™ Cloth Diapers in Gone Fishing, Tackle Box, In the Sea, & Golden Rod; and
(1) Pail Liner in IN THE SEA

 Our premium pocket diapers will last you from birth until potty training. Here's why....

3D Gusset

two outer gussets contour to fit babies of all sizes especially those on the petite side.

Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) lining stays dry to the touch and cleans easy
Tummy Panel resists moisture wicking onto front of clothes when belly sleeping
Thick Back Elastics stops blowouts
Cross-over Snaps keeps messes contained or use to tighten waist

Note: Product Image is a representation of the snap and fabric colors/prints. Finished items may vary.


Outer: 100% Polyester Laminate

Inner Velour: 56% Bamboo Rayon/24% Cotton/ 20% Polyester

Hidden Absorbency: 85% Bamboo Rayon/15% Polyester

Made in China


Approximately 19" x 25" before wash.

Care information

If soiled, knock solid waste into the toilet.

Pre-wash cool.

Main wash hot with detergent.

Rinse Twice.

Tumble dry on low or hang dry.

No bleach. Petroleum-based creams and fabric softeners may affect absorbency.

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