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Large Hanging Wetbag & Pail Liner - IN THE SEA

Large Hanging Wetbag & Pail Liner - IN THE SEA

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NOW ~2.5" LONGER!!!

What better way to store your dirty smelly diapers than with a diaper pail liner!  Of course, they can also double as an XL bag for carrying clean clothes or diaper when traveling!.  Our pail liners feature:

  • Premium Thick PUL fabric
  • Carrying Handles that double as a way of sealing the bag
  • A 3D bottom for a better fit and capacity!
  • High Quality Top Elastic
  • Should fit most 13 gallon trash cans.

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Outer: 100% Polyester Laminate

Inner Velour: 56% Bamboo Rayon/24% Cotton/ 20% Polyester

Hidden Absorbency: 85% Bamboo Rayon/15% Polyester

Made in China


Approximately 19" x 25" before wash.

Care information

If soiled, knock solid waste into the toilet.

Pre-wash cool.

Main wash hot with detergent.

Rinse Twice.

Tumble dry on low or hang dry.

No bleach. Petroleum-based creams and fabric softeners may affect absorbency.

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