Prepping Your New Diapers

So you got new diapers? That's so exciting! Your next step is to prep them for use.  This is what I recommend:

First Step: Wash

I know you're eager to try them out, but new diapers need to be washed before wear. Diaper shells (the non-absorptive, water-proof part) only need a quick wash to clean them. You can throw them in with your normal laundry so long as you don't use fabric softner.

Same with inserts (the absorptive layer), except I like to wash 2 or more times before first wear.  Inserts, especially hemp, need a few cycles to remove any oils from the manufacturing process and to fluff the fibers which makes them more absorptive.  You can throw them into your normal cloth laundry (see our recommended wash routine here) OR wash them with a couple of normal loads so long as you don't use fabric softner.  

Prepping is super easy and you don't need to do anything extra or special. It is perfectly fine to use whatever laundry detergent you already use for your clothes.  I prefer unscented.

Second Step: Drying

All of my diapers are dryer safe on low heat.  Hang drying the diaper shells is easier on the shells though, if you prefer. Inserts will take the longest to dry.

Third Step: Try Them!

The final step is to stuff your new diapers is to assemble and try them out.  If you need any help with fit, please contact me and I'll try to help.  Remember that your inserts may take a few more washing/dry cycles before they get to their max capacity.

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