What's special about newborn poop?

I think the number one question that I receive in relation to cloth diapering is "what do you do with the poop?".  Well, that really depends on what your child is eating.  Newborn poop may be the easiest to handle because it is water soluble.  What does that mean for you?  That means you can toss it right into the pail and subsequently your washing machine without any other pre-treatment.

It doesn't matter if your little one is breast fed, formula fed, or given a combination of those two.  So long as the waste in the diaper is not solid, it will wash away.  Sometimes, formula can make the poo more formed. If that's your case, simply plop anything solid into the toilet and then place the diaper into the pail or washing machine.  Once your child starts to try solid foods (i.e. purees, puffs, etc) then you'll need to start removing the poop first before it goes in the washer.  We'll talk about that in a future blog!



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